‘Tis a wonderfully informational, digitally connected world out there, no doubt. The joys of accessing one’s computer and see what the tech world has got to offer and how the various social media are buzzing with business. Being involved in a major ecommerce project now, keeping myself busy with programming on the one hand and supervising the project on the other (which is, at any rate, somewhat of a no-go as I was informed last night), these things however don’t really seem to matter that much.

To avoid any misunderstanding: I am a big fan of all these streams of information and a firm believer of this kind of connectedness. Reading this week’s RSS backlog and Twitter timeline on a quiet and lazy Sunday afternoon, however, most of the things in there I find plain boring. Which makes you wonder: if something that I personally like to indulge in very much suddenly becomes next to irrelevant once the workload becomes higher, does this mean that the former is just plain old procrastination? Or is this just me having an info-phobic weekend and wanting to give this blog a bit of a rant? Be that as it may, I’ll keep exploring …

Roman Zenner (ShopTechBlog)

Ich beschäftige mich seit mehr als 20 Jahren mit E-Commerce-Technologie und gehe hier im Blog der Frage nach, mit welchen Systemen Marken und Händler:innen ihr Online-Geschäft abbilden.

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