25. Juni 2024

I’m a punk now – officially!

About four hours ago, somewhere in the countryside of Northern Germany: Four aspiring ecomPunks meet at their notary’s, sign a couple of papers and are now joined in punk-y matrimony. The ecomPunk GmbH is now set and ready to go, and I’m excited to be an official part of this great team. We have a lot of stuff planned for 2012 and are ready to kick some serious ass (I’ve promised to put at least one swear word into this post). To the future!

(Image: pexels.com)

Roman Zenner (ShopTechBlog)

Ich beschäftige mich seit mehr als 20 Jahren mit E-Commerce-Technologie und gehe hier im Blog der Frage nach, mit welchen Systemen Marken und Händler:innen ihr Online-Geschäft abbilden.

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