ShopTechTalks #4: Magento – Past, Present & Future (en)

In this episode, Tim Bezhashvyly (21sportsgroup) and Roman Zenner talk about the beginnings of Magento, how it developed (especially since it has been acquired by eBay) and what its future could look like. They also discuss Tim’s controversial presentation The Harsh Truth of Magento Enterprise at this year’s Meet Magento event in Leipzig, Germany, have a closer look at the development of Magento 2 and find out how other shop systems such as osCommerce, OXID eShop and Shopware compare to Magento.

This podcast can also be subscribed to via iTunes, more streams and formats are available on Podigee.

Roman Zenner ist schon seit 2001 im E-Commerce aktiv. Er hat führende Fachbücher zu bekannten Shopsystemen verfasst, publiziert regelmäßig in Fachmagazinen zu E-Commerce-Technologie und arbeitet seit 2015 als Industry Analyst & Content Writer bei commercetools (REWE-Gruppe).

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    Roman published a podcast about the future of Magento and compared it to osCommerce, OXID eShop and Shopware with his guest Tim Bezhashvyly.

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